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Commissioning a sculpture is a unique and memorable experience.  And of course, so personal.

My first goal is to help realize your individual vision, but in conversations I may discover a possibility that has more meaning, while still maintaining your budget. Here’s a quick example:

When I first met Joan, she was looking for a large steel sculpture for the front yard. But upon seeing her backyard, I found it disrupted by a shoddy fence, a badly-colored fireplace and the unfortunate walls of the house next door (see photo right).

More importantly, I discovered Joan is a practicing Buddhist, so I studied, learned more about her philosophy and designed two matching sculptures as an appreciation of her work (photo above). They represent the classic symbol Aumkara (om), the lotus flower for its meaning along with other symbols along with geometric Southwestern designs. As part of the project I installed bamboo panels that hide the house next door and give the sculptures an almost spiritual backdrop.

During an initial chat, you and I will discuss the scale, style, materials and budget for your sculpture. Of course I’ll keep you involved with sketches, timelines, and conversations.

If you are interested in commissioning a paper, steel or bronze sculpture, please call me at 505-896-3330 or use the form on the Contact page.