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Arc Angle #1
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Arc Angle #1 21.5" x 17" (Single)
Arc Angle #1 (Detail)
Arc Angle #1 1 & 2 as Diptych

Arc Angle #1

Limited Edition (5) / Arches archival paper, archival museum board and matte, wood frame with museum glass
~ 21.5" x 17" individually,
21.5" x 37" as a diptych (hung with Arc Angle #2).

Art Deco, the design style popular in the 1920s and ‘30s, was characterized by bold lines and geometric forms. Here I've contemporized the style. The simple, bold lines and symmetry are reversed in the diptych.

Original SOLD
ED 2-5 Available from the artist
NOTE: Each edition is a hand-cut original, with variations.

Arc Angle #1 $1250.00

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