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I Love Paper.

I’m captivated by its feel, its texture, tooth and warmth.

And then there's Steel & Bronze...

the yang to paper’s yin.

Sculpting in contradictory media gives me the best of opposite worlds, and in both I’m grateful as the shadows tell the story.

The idea behind any given sculpture may be from nature as the moon rises or my own take on Indiana farmland. From native symbols for rain, sun, wind, or from architectural and art motifs. Or ancient icons carved anew. Plus circles, arcs and lines, the simple stuff of geometry.

My large, multi-layer metal sculptures reveal even deeper dimensionality. In some, geometric forms are juxtaposed to build tension or bring harmony. In others I call on icons, signs and symbols, or "Tapamveni," (the Hopi word that means "pounded sign") first found in petroglyphs, carved anew through contemporary layers of bronze. It's ancient history updated.

The unique rusting and traditional patina techniques and sophisticated coatings offer alluring finishes that highlight and separate layers. Glass and natural stone frequently further the narrative.

Whatever the subject, my sculptures remain modern, approachable and warm in tone. I invite you to touch the work and become a part of it.